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What's Your Business Really Worth?

Learn how to maximize its value before selling, merging, or consolidating.


We’ve partnered with independent consultant, George Lestina, who will analyze your operation, value your business, and recommend specific actions to help improve performance, increase profitability, and maximize overall value of your business.

Comprehensive Business Valuation

The 18-point process will determine your company’s Fair Market Value, as defined by the American Society of Appraisers and designed for owners who are considering selling, merging, or consolidating their business. This service is an affordable alternative to firms charging thousands of dollars for generic valuations with little or no relevance to the Printing Industry.

Performance Assessment & Profit Plan

Measure your company’s financial and operating performance against industry benchmarks in 20 key areas. Then we plan specific steps to improve profit performance, cash flow, and value. Ideal for companies facing turnaround situations.

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