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Unique and Complete Solution to Retirement Plan Management

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The Printers 401K® program was established in 1985 and designed to serve the needs of printing companies across the nation. It provides fiduciary oversight, reduced administration time, outstanding investment options and a cost savings, giving you and your team a better plan model and added value for your association membership dues. Members receive a complimentary plan analysis. We will compare your Plan fees and performance to similar sized plans in the Printing Industry. This analysis can reveal strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern allowing you to take action and improve your retirement plan.


The Printers 401K® gives you the flexibility of your own customized plan without the liability and time consuming responsibilities. A dedicated team of 401k specialists work on your behalf as plan fiduciaries and the 3(16) plan administrator to provide a complete, streamlined 401k solution for your organization.

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